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Technical Data


Model: Ø1.0×10m-Ø3.6×36m


Capacity: 1-40(t/h)


Power: 11-400(kW)


Application: fertilizers, organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers



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1. High heat efficiency

The principle of heat transfer of the cylinder dryer is heat conduction and the conducting direction keeps identical in the whole operation circle. Except heat loss of end cover and radiation loss, all heat can be used for evaporation of wet      materials on the wall the cylinder. The efficiency can reach 70-80%.


2. Large operation elasticity and wide application

Various drying factors of the dryer can be adjusted, such as concentration of feeding liquid/thickness of material film, temperature of heating medium, rotating speed of the drum etc. which can change drying speed of the under dryer. As       these factors have no interrelations each other, it brings great convenience to dry operation and makes it applicable to dry various materials and to meet different requirements of production.


3. Short drying period

The drying period of materials is normally 10 to 300 seconds, so it is suitable for heat-sensitive materials. It also can be pressure reducing operated if it is put in vacuum vessel.

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