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Company Profile

  • HENAN ZHENGZHOU MINING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is leading mining equipments manufacturing in the world, who has provided innovative technology and products for mine and energy of over 100 countries and district. It is built in 1956 and locates its factory in XINNGYANG, HENAN, China. It is appointed as the fixed equipment-providing factory by Chinese Ministry of Machine Building and HENAN Mechanical Electronic Bureau.

    The development during the last half century has witnessed its capital assets being over RMB100000000 and becoming a comprehensive modern enterprise with the service of scientific research, design, manufacture, sales, installation, commissioning, worker training and etc.

    The production lines provided by us mainly include: Magnesium Production Line, Cement Production Line, Lime Production Line, Ore Dressing Line, and Oil Proppant Production Line; Main products include: Rotary Kiln, Ball Mill, Granulator, Bucket Elevator, Vertical Preheater, Vertical Cooler, Crusher, Metallurgy Coke Oven, Magnetic Separator, Flotation Machine, Classifier, Feeder, Dust Collector, Cooler, Dryer, and etc. Our products are sell well in each city in China and could also be found in Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Bengal, Mexico, Armenia, Africa, South America, and etc, which are thought highly by our clients.

Essential Concept

  • 1. Pursuing being outstanding; creating us as a Manufacturing Enterprise with international competitiveness;
    2. It is absolutely impossible for us to degrade our standard for whole production line or single equipment provided by us;
    3. Keeping in pursuing brilliant design and manufacture, lowering energy-consumption, and decreasing pollution.
    4. Every day, we are engaged in better future.

Corporate Culture

  • Corporate Culture has played an important role to unite our cohesion and centripetal force, which is also the impetus of sustainable development. Over 50 years’ development has shaped unique and rich corporate culture. Our culture structure consisting of team declaration and corporate sense of value have been pushing our continuously development and growing.

    Our Aspiration: Pursuing being outstanding; creating us as a Manufacturing Enterprise with international competitiveness;

    Our Mission: Every day, we are engaged in better future.

    Our Principle: Delivery on time, payment on time.

    Our Work Habit: Precision and excellent performance.

    Core culture philosophy: Morality goes before work, profit got later than others.

    Sense of value: Morality first, then profit;

    Service Concept:

    Being genuine; Service taking top priority; Delivery and paying in time.

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 and it is the designated manufacture plant of National Mechanical & Electrical Industry Bureau in Henan Province for cement building materials and beneficiation equipments. After more than half a century of development, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has developed to an area of 70000 square meters, plant construction area of 40000 square meters with six modern workshops, two heavy machinery workshops, one Municipal Technology Center and more than 260 sets of machining, assembling, welding and other equipments. Its fixed asset value has exceeded 100 million RMB. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has become an integrated modern enterprise with scientific research, design, development, manufacturing, sales, installation, commissioning and training services.

  • 2015
    ZK Corp honored with e-commerce demonstration enterprise in Henan Province 2015.1
  • 2014
    Sign the 20 million TPA ceramsite sand production line project with shanxi furuke.
  • 2013
    Multi lines of large magnesium metal,lime and ceramsite sand production line complete installation at home.

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