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Solid (Hazardous) Waste Incineration System

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Technical Data

Capacity: 10-100t/d


Application: various solid wastes, waste liquids and exhaust gases in industrial comprehensive hazardous waste, medical waste, petroleum, chemical, pesticide and other industries


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Characteristics of solid (hazardous) waste incineration system

1. It can treat three kinds of wastes: waste water / waste gas / waste liquid at the same time;

2. The liquid waste is fed by micron-level atomization, which burns completely and saves fuel consumption;

3. Waste heat recovery to generate benefits;

4. DCS control, high degree of automation.

Characteristics of rotary kiln incineration system

1. The incineration technology not only meets all environmental requirements for the harmless treatment of hazardous waste (medical waste), but is also the recommended technology for solving hazardous waste in my country.


2. The advantages of wide application range, strong material adaptability, large processing capacity, strong resistance to moisture content fluctuations, etc.; large heat load in the furnace, thorough material incineration, sufficient to deal with the complete incineration of a large amount of hazardous waste, even if the material's calorific value and moisture content With some fluctuations, it can be completely incinerated. Suitable for incineration treatment of comprehensive hazardous waste.

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