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Smelt Secondary Zinc Oxide Project in Baotou,Inner Mongolia

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Project Background:


Inner Mongolia Degu Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. is located near Baotou Steel, Kundulun District, Baotou City. It was established in December 2017. The company has a production line that uses flue ash from steel mills for comprehensive solid waste recycling. The company strives for excellence through The management comprehensive energy consumption index and physical labor productivity rank among the forefront of the domestic industry, and the safety, environmental protection and various process indicators are at the domestic advanced level. The project of using steel mill flue ash to smelt secondary zinc oxide is a project for processing solid waste generated by the production line Therefore, the company's equipment not only requires equipment safety and reliability, but also requires energy-saving and environmentally friendly process systems and advanced automated control systems for the entire equipment.


Through many early technical communication with various manufacturers, repeated exchanges on equipment technology and automation control technology finally determined the process technology plan with Zhengzhou mine as the standard as a unified platform. In business negotiations, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd also used a complete scope of supply and the detailed production, installation, commissioning, and after-sales guarantee program won the customer's approval, and Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd was finally determined as the supplier of the project.

Project Introduction:

     This project is a new project. The sub-zinc oxide industry is a small industry without professional design institutes to sort out the various parameters of the calculation system, and can only be optimized by the existing production parameters and problems. Since the raw materials and products are in powder form, on-site environmental management is very difficult. In addition, the production process of sub-zinc oxide requires a large amount of air to be blown into the kiln head. The unbalanced wind pressure of the entire production line will cause positive pressure smoke at the kiln head. Therefore, after careful calculation by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd engineers, the system is determined by various data calculations. The parameters of the fan.


Since this project is a new project, the customer's terrain conditions are high and the area is sufficient, so the engineer decided to put the raw material batching granulation system on the lower platform. Put the dust collection system on the high platform, realize the partition management, and greatly improve the on-site environment, making it the cleanest factory for similar projects in China.

After 3 months of installation, debugging, and training, the customer’s workers can operate the system equipment proficiently. Under the patient training and explanation of the Zhengzhou mine’s after-sales engineers, the workers have recognized the reliability and safety of this equipment. The industry problem that turned out to be the most worried about the smoke from the kiln head was also completely resolved because of the reasonable parameters of the kiln tail fan!


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