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10,000 tpa Alumina powder production line of China Aluminum Corporation Henan Branch

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1. Project Overview

Project address: China•Zhengzhou•Shangjie

Construction unit: China Aluminum Corporation Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Product name: Alumina production line

Production scale: Alumina powder production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons

Service scope: from raw material storage and transportation, calcining system, environmental dust collection system, electrical automation control system process design, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales training and other one-stop technical services.


2. Project Description

The Henan branch of Aluminum Corporation of China (stock code 601600), formerly known as the Zhengzhou Aluminum Plant, was founded in August 1958. There are 13,656 employees, total assets of 4.2 billion yuan, and annual sales revenue of 2.8 billion yuan. Products include alumina, aluminum ingots for remelting, carbon anodes, aluminum hydroxide, gallium metal and its deep processing, machinery manufacturing, etc. It has formed an annual production scale of 1.3 million tons of alumina, 58,000 tons of aluminum ingots, 120,000 tons of carbon products, 6 million tons of railway transportation, 5 million tons of mining and stripping, and 200 million kilowatt-hours of self-generation.


3. Design Principles

(1) On the premise of meeting the requirements of production scale, the host adopts stand-alone and single-line equipment to achieve the purpose of smooth and compact production line, save land, and increase land use rate.

(2) The auxiliary equipment is based on the principles of stability, reliability and energy saving to ensure normal production, high quality, high yield and low energy consumption.

(3) Fully integrate the local natural conditions, optimize the design plan under the process and production conditions, and reduce the project cost as much as possible.

(4) Conscientiously implement relevant environmental protection, laws, regulations and standards, strictly control environmental pollution, reduce pollutant discharge, protect and improve the environment, and realize safe and civilized production.


4. Project Implementation

Industrial alumina powder is calcined and processed at a high temperature above 1400, and the gamma crystal form is transformed into the alpha crystal form. Generally, the conversion rate of alpha alumina is above 95%. The higher the alpha conversion rate, the more fully calcination and the higher the calcination temperature. The calcined alumina powder needs to be finely ground to reach the level of fine powder and used as a raw material for ceramics or refractories.

Because of the particularity of its process, brand new requirements were put forward for the material and structure of the equipment, and many suppliers flocked to it, with more than 8 bidding manufacturers. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery’s bidding team meticulously organized commercial bids and technical bids, conquered the customers with perfect technical strength, obtained the approval of the leaders of Chalco, and finally signed the commercial contract.

The acceptance of the project is qualified.


5. Main Equipment






Rotary kiln


2 sets


6. Project Pictures



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