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Technical Data


Model: 1.6x32m-4.7x72m


Capacity: 2.0-34(t/h)


Application: Waste processing


Applied Material: Hazardous waste, sludge waste, oily sludge, industrial waste, PVC material, medical waste, municipal waste etc



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1. Low cost: High temperature material contact refractory material. Replacing lining is convenient;

2. The driving mechanism is simple: The drive mechanism is in the kiln housing. the equipment maintenance is easy.;

3. Ensure that harmful gases do not leak: Good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure.

4. Easy to operate and maintain: Equipment running rate is high. The annual operation rate is generally 90%.

5. Adaptability to incineration: Solid waste ,liquid, colloid, and gas can be incinerated simultaneously.

6. High heat utilization rate: The material was churned forward. The three heat transfer modes coexist in one furnace.

7. Combining patented technology: The traditional two combustion chamber is evolved into a two combustion furnace. The burnout rate of ash is improved. The combustion efficiency of rotary kiln is improved. At the same time, it has the functions of slag discharging at normal temperature, crushing slag and sealing, locking air, etc.


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