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100,000 m3/a Ceramic production line project in Jiangsu

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I. Project Overview:

Project address: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China

Construction unit: Jiangsu Jianhua Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Ceramic production line

Production scale: Annual production of 100,000 square sludge ceramsite production line project

Scope of services: process design, plant planning, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning from raw material storage, transportation, blending, aging, granulation, calcination, cooling to finished product storage and transportation system, environmental dust collection system, electrical automation control system , after-sales training and other one-stop technical services.

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II. Project Description

Jiangsu Jianhua Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a company under the Jianhua Concrete Pile Group. Till March 2013, the Group has established 34 prestressed concrete pile production bases in 14 provinces, 2 municipalities and 1 autonomous region in China. Jiangsu Jianhua Ceramics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and processing of ceramsite and its products, and provides corresponding after-sales technical services. The production process adopt ceramsite insert type double-tube rotary kiln. The main raw materials of the production line are mountain soil, bentonite and urban biological sludge etc. The production line adopt the roller production technology according to local conditions and user requirements. The production line can produce the ultra-light ceramsite with bulk density ≤500Kg/m3, particle size of 5-25mm and corresponding ceramsite. The production line is equipped with screening machine of 0-15mm and above 15mm, and stored separately. Other ceramsite products with different particle sizes and different bulk densities can also be produced according to market demand. The product quality is stable and reliable, with ultra-light, high-strength, heat insulation, fire and earthquake resistance, durable anti-freeze, sound insulation and anti-seepage, improve building functions and reduce engineering cost. At present, the project is entering the installation phase immediately in the civil construction phase. The reason why the customer choose Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is that our professional attitude and perfect service mechanism make customers assured.


III. Production Process

The raw materials for the production of sludge ceramsite mainly include mountain soil, bentonite and urban biological sludge.

The production process of the ceramsite in the production line is: raw material batching→aging→feeding→mixing→granulation→shaping→screening→calcining→cooling→sieving→storage.

The sludge and clay are pre-mixed by batching, and then the mixed materials are stored in bin for aging storage. The aging qualified materials are fed from the forklift to the box feeder. The box feeder feeds the material to the belt conveyor and then conveys it to the twin-shaft mixer through the belt conveyor for mixing. The material after being stirred by the twin-shaft mixer is sent to a roller granulator for extrusion granulation. The finished raw material ball is sieved through a shaping sieve, and the unqualified ceramsite below 5 mm is screened out. And the qualified ceramsite is sent to the cutting tube at the top of the kiln tail and enters the rotary kiln. A double gate valve is arranged at the upper end of the cutting pipe to lock the air, so that no gas overflows when the material enters the kiln tail, and the unqualified material is sieved.


In rotary kiln, the raw material granules gradually moved toward the kiln head as the rotary kiln rotates, and calcined into ceramsite at a temperature of 1050 ° C to 1200 ° C in the firing zone. Then enter the vertical cooler for cooling and unload from the discharge end. The outside cold air is forcibly blown into the cooler by the fan, and is reversely exchanged with the hot ceramsite. After being heated, it enters the kiln as a high-temperature secondary hot air, which significantly reduces the heat loss of the system. The rotary kiln is divided into two sections, a drying section and a roasting section. The speed of each section is adjustable, and the plugging part adopts a stainless steel fish scale sealing device.


At the kiln end of the rotary kiln, the flue gas is interposed into the drying kiln, and the material with higher moisture content is first dried, and then the flue gas is discharged into the bag filter for dust removal. The discharge density of the bag dust collector can reach below 30mg/Nm3, achieving standard discharge and clean production. The purified flue gas is sent to the desulfurization tower for desulfurization treatment, and the flue gas after the desulfurization treatment is directly discharged to the chimney after being led to the chimney by the fan.


The rice husks bought from the market are generally crushed and transported to the factory and packed in uniform woven bags. After the rice husk is poured into the upper hopper, the rice husk is lifted into the rice husk by the bucket elevator. The rice husk in the bin is fed to the single-channel burner by means of the speed regulation set under the silo, while the primary fan provides external wind as the combustion air for the single-channel burner, and the rice husk passes through the single-channel burner and then is sprayed into the kiln. The ceramsite from the cooler is lifted to the stockyard.


IV. Main Equipment


Equipment Name




Double Shaft Mixer


2 sets


Double Roller Granulator


1 set


Plug-in Rotary Kiln


1 set


Rotary Cooler


1 set

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