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Two Sets of 750X1800MM Dry Ball Mill Delivered to Ecuador

Publication date: 2020-12-23 10:38 article source: ZK Corp viewed:

Model: 750 * 1800mm

Quantity: 2 sets

Project Location: Ecuador

Material: river sand gold

Treatment capacity: 300 ~ 500kg

Discharge fineness: 200 mesh (10% residue)

Contract time: September 15, 2020

Packing time: November 23, 2020

Manufacturing cycle: 70 days


On November 17, 2020, the customer will send someone to the factory to inspect the goods and carry out the no-load test run. The start-up time is 30 minutes.


During the test run, the temperature of the motor and the bearing are measured respectively to confirm that they are within the normal range.


Both sides also confirmed the material and composition analysis of lining plate and steel ball.


Finally, both parties signed the acceptance report.



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