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Technical Data

Model: Aluminum Ash Ball Mill


Applied Material: aluminum ash, cement, coal, etc.


Capacity: 0.4-230 (t/h)


Ball Loading: 1.5-338 (t)


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1. Improving the recovery rate: Compared with the existing recovery methods, aluminum ash ball mill (now using aluminum ash concentrator, aluminum ball mill, ore washing machine), the recovery rate will increase by at least 10%;

2. Less investment: The feed out of aluminum ash mill is installed with a cylinder with a tapping function. Compared with the traditional method, there is no need to use the linear vibrating screen, which can save the equipment cost and reduce the operating costs;

3. Energy saving: The operation of aluminum ash ball mill does not require oil, coal and other precious energy, which can utilize the heat from ash to process the aluminum ash and save a lot of energy;

4. Less dust: The aluminum ball mill is installed with dust cover, greatly reducing the dust;

5. Short processing time: Aluminum ash ball mill produced by our company can increase the processing ability of aluminum as for the production unit, which can handle 20-50 tons per day;

6. Significant economic benefits: High recovery rate per ton of aluminum ash, and then direct economic benefits even could reach to several thousand USD per ton;

7. Fully automatic system: Aluminum ash ball mill can save considerable labor costs for per production unit, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and reduce work-related accidents.


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