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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bag Filter Dust Collector

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Bag filter has become the most widely used dust removal device.The pulse bag filter is the most important type of bag filter.

The advantages and disadvantages of bag filter dust collector 


The bag filter has high dust removal efficiency, can remove fine dust particles, has strong adaptability to the change of treatment gas volume, and can capture a large range of dust particle size, and is most suitable for processing fine particles with recovery value. it has simple structure and easy operation

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The bag filter has a high investment cost, and the temperature allowed is low (high temperature and easy to burn). The gas temperature during operation needs to be higher than the dew point temperature. Otherwise, it will not only increase the resistance of the dust collector, but even adhere to the dust. The surface of the filter bag is dusted so that the dust collector does not work properly. A bag filter cannot be used when the dust particle concentration exceeds the dust particle explosion limit. In addition, the filter bag is easily damaged, and the dust will cause the dust to fly twice.

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