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Pulverized Coal Preparation Production Line

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Technical Data

Capacity: 1TPH-4TPH


Application: Pulverization coal prepration production line


Main Materials: Anthracite, Meagre Coal, Soft Coal, Brown Coal, Shale


Main Equipment: Coal ball mill, powder seperator



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1. Main bearing pedestal of ball mill adopts water circulation device to reduce the working temperature of bearing. This solution can prevent the shorten of lifetime for bearing which is caused by high temperature of material.


2. Lubrication for main bearing bush adopts hydraulic oil station. This solution can increase lifetime of alloy bushing and reduce the resistance during the operation of ball mill.


3. Latex coupling is applied between gearbox & pinion. It has the advantages such as good balance, better adaptability, no need lubrication, and good performance of compensation for 2 shafts’ relative shifting.

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