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Technical Data


Grinding Plate Dia: 1200-2600(mm)


Main Motor Power(kW): 55-710


Applied material: coal, quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone


Application: Coal Grinding, Fuel Power Plant



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1. The shovel is made of high manganese steel which is more durable and the blade can replace easily.

2. Cone gear whole transmission-compact conformation, convenient installation, reducing dissipation of energy.

3. Isolation type cyclone powder collector. Effectively improve the efficiency and precision of choosing powder.

4. The observe door and air inlet volute is in the same surface, voiding the eddy current effect and reducing energy consumption.

5. Optimization design for grinding roller grinding ring of main-spring pressurization, high-wearing feature.

6. Internal thin oil lubrication system. Advanced and reliable, prolong service life.

7. Curved duct. Loss of the air volume is small, the liquidity of material is good and not easy plugging material.


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