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Advantages and Working Principle of Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln

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Zinc oxide rotary kiln is a calcination equipment for treating zinc-containing materials. Because zinc oxide is a fine powder, ZK Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln is designed for zinc oxide production line. Zinc oxide rotary kiln is widely used not only for zinc oxide but also for the production of zinc bypoxide.


1. Zinc oxide rotary kiln has simple configuration, it can reduce the investment costs and improve productivity.

2. Zinc oxide rotary kiln has high beneficiation efficiency, and it can produce good quality zinc oxide by the calcination process, and this kiln has less nodulation.

3. The entire zinc oxide production line has smooth operation and large production capacity, in the smelting process, it can also greatly reduce the fuel cost.

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Working Principle

Zinc oxide is a white or slightly yellowish fine powder; zinc bypoxide is usually a lower grade zinc oxide made directly from zinc ore, and its composition is ZnO, usually in the range of 45% to 65%.

The working principle of zinc oxide rotary kiln is the whole process and principle of calcining zinc ore and treating zinc-containing materials. Zinc-containing filter cakes are generally used in zinc oxide rotary kiln. The zinc in the filter cake is mainly in the form of zinc ferrite, oxide and sulfate. At the high temperature of zinc oxide rotary kiln, zinc ferrite and solid carbon act to reduce to metal zinc, while zinc, lead and cadmium sulfate It is also reduced and volatilized in the form of sulfides and metals. The metal zinc which is reduced and volatilized from the solid phase is reoxidized by the rotary kiln gas and then mainly produced in the form of oxide.

Note: The amount of air fed into the zinc oxide rotary kiln should ensure that the flue gas in the kiln has sufficient oxygen to reoxidize all of the metal vapor, sulfide and carbon monoxide that has been previously reduced. Increasing the amount of air in the zinc oxide rotary kiln will extend the reduction zone toward the feed end. Conversely, by reducing the amount of air, the reduction zone is shortened and the initial section of the reduction zone extends toward the discharge end.

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